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Gold Rush Selection

Special Order Only

Black Hills Gold Rush Gourmet Caramel Apple 

$8.95 each plus S&H

For ordering information call 605-791-4433

Our Granny Smith Apple is hand dipped in our rich creamy old-fashioned caramel then rolled in premium cashew halves. This special creation is then half dipped in rich double fudge chocolate and high lighted with a beautiful gold edible sheen. Its a vision of glistening gold nuggets finding their way out of the rich Black Hills soil. 

This apple can be packaged for Black Hills Tourism purposes or it can be packaged if you simply want to give your special person a Rich Golden Gift of Yumminess.

Gold Rush Gift Box Includes:
$40.00 plus S&H

Golden Bars of Caramel:  6 ounces of our rich creamy old fashioned caramel cut in the shape of bars of gold then highlighted with a beautiful gold edible sheen.  Its like giving your special person a package of gold.

Golden Nugget Caramel Corn: 6 ounces of our delightful pecan caramel corn drizzled in rich double fudge chocolate.